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  • United States Air Force, Air National Guard & Air Force Reserves

  • This section will explain how to request an extension of travel and transportation entitlements for former Air Force members that upon separation were authorized to travel to their Home of Record (HOR) or Place Entered Active Duty (PLEA). Personal Property Activity Headquarters PPA HQ and Installation Commanders (for member's undergoing court-martial proceedings) have authority to approve HOR and PLEAD extensions. PPA HQ Home of Record extension approval criteria are:
  • -bonafide hardship that would be created by compliance with the 180 day basic entitlement

    -joint spouse members serving different tour lengths who have met the intent of DoD assignment policy, waiting for spouse to PCS or separate (open-ended requests, i.e. until my spouse's DEROS, separates, retires, transfers, etc, will be returned without action).

    -specific hardship situations not normally faced by members in similar situations

    -education, training or medical reasons for the separated member

    -legal or administrative proceedings that preclude member from moving within the time limit

    -delay in selling, renovating or construction of a home
  • PPA HQ's authority is derived from the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, Volume 1, Paragraphs U-5125-D, U5225-G, U5360-G, and Air Force Supplement to the JFTR/JTR, Paragraph 3.5.6.
  • A letter from the member formally requesting the extension is required. The letter should state why an extension is needed and for how long. Members should provide their complete mailing address, and phone number. A fax number, and email address is optional, but can expedite the process if additional information is needed. Also documented proof or verification of the member's situation is required. For example, the member is requesting an extension because of hospitalization or medical treatment; a letter from the physician or hospital administrator is required. The letter should indicate the medical hardship/condition the member is incurring, whether treatment is readily available elsewhere, how long the treatment is expected to last, and whether travel would be detrimental to the member's health. A copy of the separation order (AF Form 100) is also required. Please do not send a DD Form 214.
  • Request for extension should be forwarded to:

    2261 Hughes Avenue, Suite 159
    Lackland AFB, Texas 78236-9857
    DSN: 954-4200, Ext 5977/5962/5957
    Comm Phone: (210) 321-4200, Ext 5977/5962/5957
    Toll Free: 1-800-599-7709, Ext 5977/5962/5957
    DSN Fax: 954-4263
    Comm Fax: (210) 321-4263
  • Installation Commanders are responsible for HOR separations when the member is with dependents, stationed in CONUS, and incident to a court-martial sentence or administrative discharge under other than honorable conditions. Their authority is derived from the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, Volume 1, paragraphs U5240-F, U5370-H, and SAF/MIM delegation of authority, dated 27 Mar 96. When the member is authorized to travel to his/her HOR and he/she has been sentenced by a court-martial to:

    -be confined for a period of more than 30 days,

    -receive a dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge,

    -be dismissed from a uniform service, or

    -receive an administrative discharge under other than honorable conditions, the installation commander at which the member was stationed at the time of the court-martial sentencing or administrative discharge is the approval authority for extension of travel and transportation entitlements.
  • The initial period of dependent travel and/or shipment of personal property is 180 days from the: date the court-martial sentence was approved and ordered executed, or date of administrative discharge under other than honorable conditions.
  • The Installation Commander is also responsible for: authorizing the travel of dependents and/or shipment of personal property, and determining the authorized destination of dependent travel and/or shipment of personal property.

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