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Temporary Storage Authorization

  • If authorized, temporary storage may be used in lieu of delivery. Members may be entitled to 90 days' temporary storage for any authorized HHG transportation. If HHG aren't removed from storage before expiration of the first 90-day period, storage charges accruing thereafter are the member's responsibility unless additional storage is authorized/approved. Circumstances may warrant an extension of this entitlement.
  • A statement from the member, containing all of the facts, must accompany requests for authorization/approval of such additional storage. Please note, if you're a civilian employee you'll also need to attach an amended copy of your orders with the authorization to extend storage. Extension request must be received prior to the current expiration date. Some valid examples of temporary storage extensions are (JFTR U5375-B2):
    • a. Serious illness of the member
    • b. Serious illness or death of a dependent
    • c. Impending assignment to Gov't/Gov't-controlled quarters or privatized housing
    • d. Directed TDY after arrival at PDS
    • e. Non-availability of suitable civilian housing
    • f. Awaiting completion of residence under construction
    • g. Acts of God
  • Temporary Storage Extension:

    Extensions of SIT beyond 180 days may not be authorized/approved when a member elects to have a home built while other housing is available or when a member elects to occupy private sector housing that is too small to accommodate all of their HHG IAW JFTR paragraph U5375-B3.
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