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Pro Gear Entitlement Change

  • Change to Professional Books, Papers and Equipment (PBP&E), also known as "Pro Gear"

    The Per Diem Committee approved changes affecting PBP&E or 'pro-gear' for uniformed Service members and civilian employees with Orders dated on/after May 1, 2014. These changes are in JFTR change 329 and JTR change 583.

    1. PBP&E will be limited to a maximum net weight of 2,000 pounds with no authority to waive the limitation. Those who have transported more than 2,000 pounds of PBP&E overseas prior to the change will be grandfathered and allowed to return the same amount to CONUS. Please see JFTR, par. U5310-C Note for further information. Once the member’s HHG have been returned to CONUS, there is no authorization or waiver authority to exceed the 2,000 lb. limit on a subsequent order.

    2. Civilian employee PBP&E are considered HHG and as such, are part of the PCS weight allowance. PBP&E may be moved under JTR, pars. C5154-C2 and C3, but the maximum net weight allowed is 2,000 pounds. Please see JTR, par. C5154-C for further information.

    3. PBP&E has been redefined as follows: “PBP&E includes HHG in a member’s/employee’s possession needed for the performance of official duties at the next or a later PDS.” There are more items excluded from PBP&E categorization than in the past. Those items are highlighted in the below exceprt from JFTR/JTR Appendix A Definitions:

    A. Commercial products for sale/resale used in conducting business,

    B. Sports equipment,

    C. Office furniture,

    D. Household furniture,

    E. Shop fixtures,

    F. Furniture of any kind even though used ICW the PBP&E (e.g., bookcases, study/computer desks, file cabinets, and racks),

    G. Personal computer equipment and peripheral devices,

    H. Memorabilia including awards, plaques or other objects presented for past performance,( includes any type of going away gifts, office decorations, pictures, etc.)

    I. Table service including flatware (including serving pieces), dishes (including serving pieces, salvers and their heating units), other utensils, and glassware,

    J. Other items of a professional nature that will not be necessary at the next/subsequent PDS, such as text books from previous schools unrelated to future duties, personal books, even if used as part of a past professional reading program or course of instruction and reference material that ordinarily would be available at the next/subsequent PDS either in hard copy or available on the Internet.

    5. When PBP&E weight is unobtainable by methods in JFTR, pars. U5335-B, U5335-C, or U5335-D, the constructive weight to be used is now 7 lbs. per cubic foot (ref: JFTR, par. U5335-E and JTR, par. C5170-D Note 2). Action: Ensure all personnel are briefed and understand these changes. Ensure briefings are adjusted to ensure members and civilian employees understand the weight limit, what items are PBP&E, and what items are now excluded from PBP&E.

    6. Any questions please contact your local transportation office.

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