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Department of State (DOS) Shipments

  • As a result of an Inter-Agency Cooperation Initiative between the Department of Defense (DOD), the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), and the Department of State (DOS), DOS will manage personal property shipments for DoD and USCG member/employees assigned to a diplomatic mission and classified as permanent personnel or temporary duty personnel in excess of 90 days. For shipments picking up 1 October 2013 and after, please consult PPCIG Country Instructions.
  • DOD AND USCG PPPO/PPSO are required to include the following remarks on the DD Form 1797 and DD Form 1299:
    1. Counseling must be documented using DD Form 1797, to include placing the following statement in Section 8, Special Instructions "I understand the shipment of my household goods/TDY weight allowance to the indicated diplomatic mission will be performed by Department of State transportation services." These annotations cannot be accomplished using DPS and must be typed or written.
    2. Ensure DD Form 1299 is accomplished for each shipment and contains the following statement in Remarks Block 13 "Department of State managed shipment". This can be accomplished using DPS by entering the statement in the Additional Information field on the Basic Screen. After entering the required annotations they will populate in the remarks block of the DD Form 1299.
    3. Do not submit shipment to DPS route queue. PPPO/PPSO counselors should print DD Form 1299/1797 and furnish to DOS with a copy of orders. Upon acknowledgement of receipt of documents by DOS, counselor should “cancel” the record in DPS.
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