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PPM Planned Move Start Date

    PPMs with a Planned Move Start Date (PMSD) after 14 May 2014 Purpose:
    To inform all Services of Interim Guidance for PPMs with a PMSD after 14 May 2014. Be Advised: DPS will not cost PPMs with a PMSD after 14 May until 15 May. Until DPS is capable of costing these PPMs, PPPO/PPSOs must follow the procedures outlined below.

    Action: Army or Air Force Customers

    1. If a customer has a PPM with an actual requested PMSD after 14 May 2014, follow actions until COB 14 May:

    a. Counsel the PPM application in DPS using 14 May 2014 as the PMSD.

    b. DO NOT "Submit" the PPM application; KEEP the PPM application in "In Counseling Review" status.

    c. Print the Draft DD2278 and other applicable documents; counsel Service Member/Employee as required.

    d. Keep a copy of the Draft DD2278 and write the Service Member/Employee's actual requested PMSD in the top Margin of the DD2278.

    e. Suspend the DD2278s until 15 May.

    f. Validate the GCC on 15 May by changing the PMSD to the member/employee's actual requested PMSD.

    f-1) If the GCC is higher, complete the counseling steps to put the PPM into "Awaiting Closeout" status.

    f-2) If the GCC is lower, change the PMSD date back to 14 May and complete the counseling steps to put the PPM into "Awaiting Closeout" status

    Action: Navy, USMC, or USCG Customers.

    1. If you are contacted or know of a customer who needs to submit their PPM application for pickup on or after 15 May, inform them to put a pickup date of 11 May (Sunday) on their application before they submit it (this will assist in flagging the PPM for counselors that the start date is after 15 May). - 1 - JOINT SERVICES PERSONAL PROPERTY ADVISORY Apr 10, 2014 JSPPA 14-0001

    2. Ensure all counselors type the following statement on the paper copy of the DD2278 "DPS is unable to accurately calculate a Government constructive cost estimate for your PPM scheduled for pickup after 15 May 2014. This issue may affect your FINAL settlement and actual PPM Claim Settlement."

    3. Have the customer initial the statement and retain on file.

    4. Final settlements will be processed according to service procedures using the rate effective on the move start date.

    USA: Ms. Jeanette McCants -
    USN: Mr. Dan Wolfert -
    USAF: MSgt Heather Gonzales -
    USCG: Mr. Tony Pearson -
    USMC: Mr. Brian Imler -

    Expiration: 15 May 2014

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