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Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs)

USTRANSCOM ​provides vehicle transportation, storage, and other related services for DoD uniformed service members, civilian employees, and their families under a Global POV Contract (GPC). POV services are performed at 38 vehicle processing centers (VPC) around the world.

POV Entitlements and Rates


  • The cost of transporting privately owned vehicles between CONUS duty stations is primarily the customer's responsibility. There are exceptions, so always contact your local personal property office (e.g., for military members) or human resource office (e.g., for civilian employees) if you're unsure.
  • Military members and families who drive their POV(s) to the new duty station will be reimbursed for mileage and some travel costs.This entitlement is a monetary allowance in lieu of transportation (MALT), and includes a per diem allowance too. Contact your personnel office for more information. Civilian employees should contact their human resource office for permanent change of station allowance questions.
  • If you can't drive from your old CONUS duty station to the new CONUS location because of medical or personal reasons, or if the travel time exceeds your report-in date, contact your local personal property office for assistance.


  • Only one vehicle (owned or leased for personal use) may be shipped at government expense.
  • The POV should not exceed 20 measurement tons (MT). You can calculate MT in three steps. First step: Multiply the POV length, height, and width, all in inches. Second step: Divide the total by 1728 to find your POV's cubic feet. Third step: Divide that number by 40 to find your POV's MT. The formula is (L" x W" x H" / 1728) / 40. There's an example in the FAQ section if you need help figuring this out. 
  • If your POV is larger than the 20 MT entitlement, you may be required to pay the excess shipping cost. There are exceptions to the size limitation. If you have an oversized POV to ship to, from, or between an overseas duty station, get the details from DTR Part IV Attachment K3, Shipping Your POV.
  • If you have a unique situation or if you want to make your own arrangements to ship an additional vehicle, please consult with your local transportation office.
  • NOTE: Additional shipping information can be found at PCSmyPOV.com

Questions About POV Entitlements and Rates

Service members and DoD employees should contact their local personal property office if they plan to ship a POV to a new duty station. Additional questions concerning POV entitlements or shipping rates should be addressed to the customer's respective Service as follows:

​Army: usarmy.ria.asc.list.oco-personal-property@mail.mil

​Air Force: ppahq.ppec.customerservice@us.af.mil 

​Navy: householdgoods@navy.mil

​Marines: usmcpersonalproperty@usmc.mil

​Coast Guard: HQS-DG-LST-CG-1332-TRAVEL@uscg.mil

Required Before Turning In Your POV For Shipment or Storage
  • ​Contact your local personal property office for entitlement counseling or guidance.

  • Ensure your POV's fuel level is at 1/4 of a tank or less when you turn it in at the VPC.

  • Ensure your POV is clean--inside and out.

  • Resolve all vehicle recalls before turn-in! Bring documented proof from the mechanic or dealership certifying that the recall work was done. 

  • Ensure your POV is mechanically sound and in good operating order before dropping it off at the VPC.

Shipping or Dropping Off Your POV to/from Japan

Contact your local personal property office for entitlement counseling or guidance.

  • POV transportation to and from Japan is done as a "quality of life" or QoL service--you won't find a "brick-and-mortar" VPC in this country.  You'll need to contact our contractor to schedule an appointment to drop off your POV for shipping or to pick it up when it arrives in country. You can make an appointment by visiting PCSmyPOV.  Simply scroll down the page to the section titled "Turning In" or "Picking Up" and click the appropriate choice. It's that easy!

  • If you're moving from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo, or Misawa Air Base, your command may have local travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19.  Check with your chain of command before you book that drop-off appointment!  This step will prevent you from being charged a hefty no-show fee if you can't get to the pre-arranged meeting location.