Personally Procured Move (PPM) Estimator

This Estimator Tool should not be used to calculate Local Moves and does not accurately calculate rates outside the  CONUS ("lower 48" states).  Please contact your local Counseling Office for PPM Local/OCONUS Rates.

For your upcoming move, get an estimate for how much the government will pay you if you choose to "do it yourself."

You can use this money to cover the cost of hiring packers, renting moving trucks, and so on. If you spend less to move than the government will incentivize you to move yourself, you get to pocket the difference!


Note: This tool only provides an estimate of what you might receive if you decide to do a personally procured move. Your actual incentive will be calculated before taxes using the current rates on the day you schedule your move in DPS. Rates vary based on transporter availability, selected move date (Peak vs. Non-Peak Season), distance traveled, and the actual weight of the shipment.


Please note that any incentive payment received, as a result of your move, may be subject to Federal, State, and Local Income Tax.