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Personally Procured Move (PPM) Estimator

For your upcoming move, get an estimate for how much the government will pay you if you choose to "do it yourself."

You can use this money to cover the cost of hiring packers and movers, renting moving trucks, and so on. If you spend less to move than the government will incentivize you to move yourself, you get to pocket the difference!

What is your rank?
Do you have dependents?
Where are you moving from and to?

To get the most accurate estimate, enter the locations authorized by your orders. These locations might be different from where you live.

When do you want to move? For example: May 3, 2018 should be entered as 5 3 2018.
How much, in pounds, do you expect to move without the government's help?

The government will only pay for the actual weight transported, up to your weight allowance. Don't forget - if you move some of your goods yourself (PPM) and have the government move the rest (HHG), the weights of both shipments count towards your allowance. Need help estimating your total household weight?

Your weight allowance is up to lbs.

Your Pro-Gear allowance is up to lbs.