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What to Expect with a TDY Move

Shipping TDY Household Goods

If you find yourself heading out on TDY for an extended period of time (31 or more days), your Approving Official may authorize you to ship a small amount of household goods, to include some of your professional gear and medical equipment. Your TDY shipment should be scheduled on the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) and as with any PCS visit your local personal property office if you have any questions.

Weight Allowance for TDY Shipments

The member's grade on the day travel begins determines which weight allowance is allowed. The weight allowances below are in addition to any unaccompanied or accompanied baggage. Furthermore, in the event the TDY location becomes the permanent duty station, this would mean that the TDY weight allowance would also be an additional allowance to any PCS weight entitlements.

Check out the table below. You'll find out just how much you are allowed to ship to this location.

Military Ranks Public Health Services Weight Allowance (lbs)


N/A 2,000
O-9 Surgeon General 1,500
O-8 Deputy/Asst. Surgeon General 1,000
O-7 Asst. Surgeon General 1,000
O-6 Director 800
O-5/W-5 Senior 800
O-4/W-4 Full 800
O-3/W-3 Senior Assistant 600
O-2/W-2 Assistant 600
O-1/W-1 Junior Assistant 600
E-9 N/A 600
E-8 N/A 500
E-7 to E-1 N/A 400
Aviation Cadet N/A 400
Service Academy N/A 350

Civilian employees, with authorization from the Approving Official on an extended TDY assignment, may ship up to 350 lbs. This unaccompanied baggage is limited to additional clothing, personal effects, and equipment directly related to the mission, locality, or unusual conditions of the assignment.

TDY Shipments

Since these can be unique, the list below includes some situations when the shipment of goods would be authorized with a TDY. As a reminder, if you have any questions please reach out to your local personal property office.

  • PCS with a TDY en route
  • Indeterminate TDY
  • TDY pending a further assignment
  • TDY performed under an order pending an OCONUS PCS or assignment to a ship
  • TDY in connection with building, fitting out, converting, or reactivating a ship